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Hello Bill,
this is just great looking! Strange ends, retainer on the "wrong" side - a real stand-out car.
modeling the early poat-war years up to about 1953
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Von: "Bill Welch" <fgexbill@...>
Betreff: [RealSTMFC] Piedmont & Northern 1101 ready for Priming

One last look at my Styrene and Resin Piedmont & Northern 40-foot boxcar with Vertical Murphy ends (thanks to Dr. Dave Campbell at Yuma Car & Foundry) and Hutchins roof before it is primed. Other highlights include shortened Tichy “Superior” doors, square brake shaft, and scratch built doorstops, placard boards, draft gear buffers and ladders. The Hutchins roof was harvested from an Accurail 8-panel single sheathed boxcar and copied in resin. It was also widened slightly by cutting it down the middle and adding styrene shim.

To make the “L” section batten strip I cut .005 sheet styrene into narrow strips and then glued the base to the car side with sparing amounts of Testor’s so as to not to distort it and then gave the cement 24-hours to cure. Next I added the second strip on edge and again allowed that to cure for a day. Again I was sparing with the Testors

There are 330 rivets harvested from Athearn “blue box” freight cars—the larger ones visible on the Gusset Plates are from their gondola while the smaller ones (and the majority) are from their steel boxcar. There are sixty such harvested rivets attached to the batten strip, twelve for each ladder, nine for door door jam, and so on. The larger rivets or bolt heads seen on the edges and sides of the ends are Tichy .020 rivets.

To me it is kind of magical when the primer or paint goes onto a model. Even though it obscures the details that get added in making a model like this, it immediately transforms it too.

Bill Welch

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