Re: What is the major difference between these cars ???

Paul Doggett

Cheers Allen,  most are correctable but the ends are the major item I need to find out about.

Thanks Paul Doggett 

On 18 Feb 2020, at 18:09, Allen Cain <Allencaintn@...> wrote:

In addition to the floor previously noted there are several detail differences:

Roof Corners notched on C&EI
Tack Board Locations one high, one middle
Bottom Rib on Doors on C&EI is shorter
Side corner brace angles appear to be different
Horizontal "reinforcement" on lower part of side channel on WAB not on C&EI
Ladder on C&EI while drop grab irons on WAB
Door low handles on C&EI with mid door grabs on WAB and different styles

Cannot see the roof and ends on the C&EI but MIGHT be another difference.

Will leave it to others to count the rivets!

Allen Cain

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