Re: What is the major difference between these cars ???

Paul Doggett


Thank you I thought the C&EI car had a radial roof looking at the photo.
I have two Wabash F&C kits which I thought would be a reasonable starting point 1 Wabash and 1 C&EI

Thank you Paul Doggett

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Just checked my 1958 ORER. The CE&I car is an XM car, and does not list any end doors. There is no mention of end doors on the Wabash car, but they may be there welded shut (some similar Wabash cars had them). It is an XAR car and was still equipped with auto racks, which would imply chain tubes below the floor. Some Wabash cars also had a lever brake instead of a wheel. The Wabash car also has a radial roof. If you are doing a conversion and the CE&I car has a peaked roof, you will have a very useful radial roof casting for your parts supply. Note that the CE&I car has a short rib in the lower door panel, and there are six ribs on that panel versus five of matching length on the Wabash; both door openings are 12' wide. Lastly, the Wabash car appears to be about 3" taller, and 3" longer overall, but this is negligible for a kitbash.

You need more photos of the C&EI car, especially showing the ends.

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Hi what are the ends on the C&EI car and are the any other major differences between them.

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