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One of these canister cars was the basis of a scratchbuilding article in Model Railroader way back in the early 1950s.  The article was republished in a 'reprint' collection called "Build Your Own Model Cars and Locos."  I still have my tattered copy from some some 60 years back.  Neat stuff even now!  The model was largely brass, called a "chlorine car," carried 14 canisters, and was lettered for Penna. Salt Mfg. (PSMX 1011).  This car is listed in my copy of the January 1946 ORER.

Bob's Photo has sold a couple different images of this type of car.

Regards from Grove City, Penna. where winter is creeping back----Mike Schleigh

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I have one of those.  (It's not here right now.)  I don't recall the 'cannisters' being that heavy, but I generally ran the car empty because it looked better that way.  I think they were just called 'one-ton containers'.  Googling that produces an article in the AWWA Journal from 1927, so the containers go back at least that far.  They were definitely still in use past the end of this list.

The aluminum model ones were a little too roundy at the ends for my taste, but the bulge in the heads is pretty accurate.

Ron Merrick

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