Re: chlorine cannister flats (was Virginia Chemical Tank Cars)


Back in the mid 1970's I used to see this type of car at the old Pennsalt plant in Riverview MI. Most of them
looked like the ones in the 1940 CBD which was my basic resource then (the Kalmbach reprint which cost
an unbelieveable $40.00 then! Major money!!!) but one was different. The center sill was open, like truss rods except made of angle bars, so sort of a built up truss center sill. I seem to recall that IRM has what they describe as an ex NYC flat car built in 1912 by Pullman that has this same construction. My question would be -was the car I saw a conversion from a NYC car or even the same car that is now at IRM? The NYC did serve the chemical industry around Buffalo NY as well as the"downriver" Detroit area.where I saw the car.Any thoughts?
Larry King

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