Re: Ice Reefer Conversions to Mechanical?

Tony Thompson

Jim Betz wrote:

  It occurs to me to ask - did any of the RRs/owners convert ice reefers to
mechanical by adding a refridgeration unit in the ice bunker section of
the car?  Don't remember ever seeing a photo of such ...
  I know that they were used in other services (essentially a box car) - I'm
asking about still being used for reefers - just not ice.

   Yes, several did (see the PFE book, for example). No one ended up happy with the result. The available trucking-type refrigeration units weren't robust enough; the old 40-ft. cars weren't very big inside, and had only 6-foot door openings; and insulation of older cars wasn't as good as what was going into new mechanical reefers. And refrigeration in one end, though it meant you could use the other ice bunker space for cargo, also required rebuilding and adding air circulation means to the car.

Tony Thompson

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