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Charles Peck

So, would a satisfactory solution be this?  A pair of metal Andrews sideframes, an engineering plastic bolster, and two split-axle wheelsets.  Somehow it would need, I guess, a wiring connection at the sideframe/bolster joint.  
Not sure about a suitable bolster, but I think the rest could come out of my parts bins.
Chuck Peck

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If any turn up….I asked first and am going to use them to upgrade my Life-Like HO USRA 0-8-0 to switch freight cars as well, if truth be known!   Mine came without tender pickup and isn’t worth putting sound into.   Even though it kills me, I will likely strip its CB&Q lettering and try to detail it for an L&N C2 to operate here in Nashville.  I tried in person at Walthers “back in the day” and didn’t know about the availability of whole tenders at the time!

I’ve double checked and Bachmann and BLI do not use all wheel pickup on their locomotive tenders or noisy stock cars (I don’t think the chickens in the Bachmann poultry cars are going to make sounds since it appears the screening on their cages is just printed on a steel box car body).

I tried personally at Walthers “back in the day” and didn’t know about the availability of whole tenders at the time!

Charlie Vlk


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Not to hijack this thread, but does anyone know where I could buy some replacement Andrews trucks for the Life-Like USRA switch engines?  I have twice now suffered a melted truck thanks to a short across a gap.  At one time extra tenders were available, and I fixed the first melted truck by replacing it with a truck from an extra tender, but I now have a sound-equipped DCC 0-8-0 that is useless.


Oh, and oops, I realize that on this list, I need to mention that I use my 0-8-0s to switch FREIGHT CARS!!






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Subject: [RealSTMFC] Andrews truck with power pickups



Does anyone know of a source for HO trucks that have power pickup on both sides similar to the ones that were provided on later production Life-Like Proto2000 steam locomotives.

I need a pair for an HO project that I am dabbling in and would prefer the N Scale type “low friction” pointed axle pickup rather than the back of the wheel or axle pickups that seem to be the accepted norm in HO.

Charlie Vlk



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