Re: Looking for GN Monogram—Side Facing Goat: Great Northern Railway

Doug Paasch

As RJDial mentioned, the 1936 date for the side facing goat was not for freight cars.  The side goat was first used for freight cars in 1941 as he said.  The 1936 date was for locomotives' first use of the side goat.

Doug Paasch

On Feb 25, 2020 5:54 PM, "Brian Stokes" <bstokesndp@...> wrote:
The "historic collections" #1 and 2 do have dates. The side-facing "silhouette" style Goat herald started in 1936. I can't say for certain what size it was, but I could inquire for you over on the GNRHS io group if you want. I'm a GN steam-era modeller and I can't even keep track of the heralds. Usually I just work from photos. 

Brian Stokes

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