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Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi Dick and List Members,
Thanks Dick for the great photos.
The 1919 Car Builders Cyc page 271 shows what looks to be one of these cars (but without roof hatches), car shown is NP 101069. The cation sez "Long Wooden 40-Ton 4030 cu ft Capacity Box Car for Collecting L. C. L. Freight from Team Tracks"
You can see the 1919 Car Builders Cyc at this link
This next link may possibly take you to the page in question
Claus Schlund

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   I had always thought the cars LCL however had missed the roof hatches.   The location though is Spokane, looking west and just east of the NP Spokane station, and about to cross over the intersection of Division and Sprague. 

I'll attach some photos from my collections.
  Spokane looking west towards the former NP station, now the only passenger station and beyond the date of this list will be the Amtrak station.  Circa 1928 all photos. 

   From the spur that the photographer was on in the prior photo. A D&RGW gon is being unloaded at A E Powell. Note all the different coal sizes.The car to the left appears to have limestone(?) Over the large pile of coal I believe are the towers of the other two train stations.

At UP tower, (for Mike and Jeff) and that is the UP running from left to right. Note the UP style lower quadrant home signal guarding the NP main. On the lower left, the descending spur has a derail and dwarf signal. I'd always wondered where Lionel copied switch machine shrouds and were they accurate? Looks like they were. And the yard lead beyond the crossing, what kind of modeler would build a yard lead like that?    

East of the downtown area were the Spokane Union Stockyards. They are behind our right shoulder in the photo. The NP mainline is in the trench on the left. 

The NP's Parkwater engine terminal. Turntable is 85 foot. If you thought your modeling space was tight, look at all the frogs at the turntables edge. This was not uncommon for NP. 

The NP's largest (in terms of cars that could be serviced) icing station was at Parkwater. A 1300 foot platform serving 29 refrigerator cars on each side. 

Some Spokane from when switch lanterns were lite each evening.                                                              Jim Dick 

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