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Ed Hawkins

On Feb 25, 2020, at 9:48 AM, Allen Cain <Allencaintn@...> wrote:

I have come into several Kadee 4000 undecorated boxcars 1950-1953 Narrow Tab 40' PS-1 Boxcar with 6' Youngstown Door.
I am seeking advice for info on any southeastern roads that would have used this car in the 1950 to 1955 timeframe. Any suggestions? And if you have photos even better!


Allen Cain

Allen and others interested,

The Kadee 4000-series model represents 40’-6” PS-1 box cars with 6’ door openings built in 1950 thru 1952 & into early 1953 at the Michigan City, Indiana, plant. For your prescribed 1950-1955 timeframe the short answer to your question is that there were no PS-1s built with 6’ door openings built for southeastern railroads matching the Kadee 4000 body, unless it’s modified in various ways.

Explaining further, southeastern railroads purchased their prototype PS-1 box cars built at the Bessemer, Alabama, plant during the period, which came with different end details that are best modeled with the Kadee 4300-series body. The difference is a matrix of 33 stud rivet bolts visible on the ends of cars built at the Bessemer plant in 1950 thru 1952. The stud rivet bolts were used to attach the interior wood lining to the ends, whereas PS-1s built at Michigan City used a different method not requiring the stud rivet bolts after 1949.

Refer to the attached PDF that illustrates a typical end of Bessemer-built PS-1s from 1950 thru 1952. It’s a slide from my 2017 St. Louis RPM presentation on the 40’ PS-1 box car design chronology. Note the end stud rivet bolts with 5 above the uppermost thin corrugation (pressed protrusions), 4 each on the 1st & 3rd major corrugations of the top end sheet, and 4 each on all 5 major corrugations of the bottom end sheet. 

The Kadee 4000 bodies you have could be modified by adding the end rivet heads (i.e., Archer rivets) for various choices of southeastern railroads receiving PS-1s built at Bessemer with 6’ door openings in the 1950-1952 period. These orders include:

1. L&N 16800-17299, 17300-17799, 14600-14999, 17800-18399 in 1950-1951
2. BS 6700-6799 in early 1952
3. NC&StL 22000-22649 in early 1952
4. Georgia 39501-39550 in 3-52
5. Western Railway of Alabama 18100-18209 in 3-52

One additional order was RF&P 2801-2900, however, the RF&P isn’t a southeastern railroad. Refer to the Kadee web site for “out of production” models of these prototype cars in the 4300-series. Numerous other PS-1s were built for southeastern railroads during the 1950-1952 period, and later, but with 8’ or 9’ door openings. 

The only other PS-1s built with 6’ door openings for a southeastern railroad from 1953-1955 was a 4-car order, CG 6208-6211, built 12-54. During this period Bessemer PS-1s no longer used end rivets to fasten the interior wood lining. For cars of this order to be accurate using the Kadee 4000 body requires the bolster to side sill connections (i.e., “bolster tabs”) to be widened, repositioning the end placards from the high to low position per revised AAR guidelines, and removal of the rivets joining the top & bottom end sheets since these 4 prototype CG cars had welded end seams. Hope this helps. 

Ed Hawkins

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