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The Movie "It Happened to Jane," released in 1959 featured a New Haven SS boxcar, very likely off the roster for revenue but, still extant.

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Why do you think 1948 is relevant? The color photo of south Boston was taken in the late
1950's (a previous source I have says the date is August 1960).

The Rock Island box car was built in 1952, and it is weathered and has a lube stencil patch.
The B&O billboard letters were introduced in the early 1950's (after 1951, for sure). The MEC
box car green paint is from the 1950's and the Cotton Belt double door box car was rebuilt in

By 1959 the New Haven rostered ZERO wood sheathed box cars, according to the ORER.

Tim O'Connor

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Those are all in service cars my friends. Those are not the RIP tracks in South Boston Freight Terminal. Look over by the brick smokestack and sand tower to see two switchers – the S-1 is working and smoking, the HH660 probably idling. Now, since Boston was a terminal, there is no telling how long the foreign road cars lingered before returning home.


There are three NH box cars in the photo;

McGinnis scheme (black with large “NH”) behind the Superior reefer

Script herald (BCR, very faded lettering) coupled to the right of the Superior reefer

The storage car that is on the ground to the right of the script herald car and to the left of the RI box car.

Notice there is a phone pole directly behind the script herald boxcar described above.


The storage car is one of the NHs old boxes, possibly 70200 series (I have a photo of NH 70218) which were rebuilt in 1935 with steel underframes from earlier NH 170000-170999-series 30-ton box cars.


The 40’ steel boxcars arrived beginning 1942 but there were still over 120 wood box cars in service in Sept 1948.  Beginning post-war many of the wood cars were converted to non-revenue service, which is the fate of the car in this photo. A white “NH” is visible above the “W-series” work car number.  Some cars were grounded and used for storage which appears to be the fate of this car. The yellow visible on the side is a patch of paint only so a black lettered stencil could be applied. This could have been applied while the car was still on trucks or not.  Could have said anything from “sand service only” to “property of mechanical dept.”


Peter Ness


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Agreed it’s a patch, but I think it’s a painted patch, painting out something, like a “return to” notice.  It’s a bit too ragged to be a carpenter’s parch.




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It looks like fresh unpainted wood i.e. "patches" to me, Schuyler. I do not recognize
the cars at all. They don't look like anything that I know of from the New Haven. I'm
curious if anyone can figure out what they are. But I agree the photo scan is so poor
that nothing can be inferred about the lettering.

Tim O'Connor

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I don’t think those are “repairs.”  And at that distance and the age of the cars, dimensions and weight information may be there, faded, but not visible.




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couple of ss boxcars, apparently in inhouse service as all dims and weight

remarks all removed, and appears that

both had repairs to the same spot.on, just to the left of the door,

can't remember that being a weak

structural spot in the ss design?


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Photo: Freight Cars The Departure Yard At Boston Freight Terminal

A Donald Haskel photo taken in August 1960:

A good variety of cars and roads.

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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