Re: NP Mystery Car


The car is surely originally from the NP transfer car series:  101000-101049 and 101050-101084, made famous in our circles by Red Ball, as I recall.  Nominally 60' long, with two separate 5'-6" doors on each side.  I believe "transfer" would likely equate to LCL service, and not wood chip or hog fuel.

The car number in the picture is 2X2 (as in 232, 242, 252, etc.)(my vote is 262).  Those numbers were assigned to company service cars.  In particular, numbers from 1 to 295 appear to have been assigned to scrap service at the time, and up until NP was merged.  The cars in scrap service were certainly varied:  109 was a former tank car, and used "for hauling exhausted carbide from welding plant at Brainerd."  292 and 293 were  "composite" gons formerly used as "oxygen" cars, and still retain the 8 side doors from that service.  Their particular usage as scrap cars is not noted.  294 was converted from NP 14029, and called a "yard box", either before or after conversion (it's not clear).  295 was formerly cinder car 205754.

All of the above information is available at the NPRHA site, except that I got the original car numbers from ORER.

As can be seen from the photo modifications to 2X2 include 8-10 roof hatches, with covers, and 12 small side doors, with the doors sliding vertically.  The small side doors are reminiscent of the doors on the oxygen cars.  That would not explain the roof hatches, however.  Dual or multiple usage might.

I believe 2X2 was a company service scrap car.  I have no idea what the scrap was.  I am sure it was frequently loaded through the roof, as why else have the hatches?  And the car and the load were likely not much damaged by the roof loading.  The small side doors could also have been used for loading.  Note, by the way, that, in the photo, some of the roof hatches are open; and 4 out of 6 small side doors are open.


Edward Sutorik

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