Accurail Ribbed Sided Box Car

Ken Adams

At long last the two Accurail Ribbed Sided Milwaukee box cars I have had on order for what seemed like eons arrived at my Local Hobby Shop today and I eagerly procured them and rushed home to unbox and see what I had acquired.  These are "favorite" cars of mine although I know next to nothing about the prototype. At one time I think I once had an MDC version of this car from the 1970's or 80's but it is not in my current collection. According to what little I know Accurail acquired the Rib Side Cars original maker of this version. 

I started to de-sprue but decided I needed more expert opinion before I went much further.  This is the contents (not including the instruction sheet) of the Accurail box. 

I have cleaned up the running board/roof walk casting a bit removing flash and trimmed the large molding gate from the underside of the main car casting. The brake wheel appears to be a representation of an Equipco brake wheel.  Is this correct? The door is rather unusual. How long did the cars retain these doors. The car has a representation of a metal running board with a rectangular grid pattern. The grabs are molded in as are all the grabs on the side of the body.  The ends have a 5+5 rib pattern and are rounded enough to indicate a W post end frame. 

Note that the car side is lettered with New 7-40. That will have to be changed to a repack date as I model 1950-54. I assume this is the as-built lettering.  The other car kit I bought is lettered for the Route of the Hiawathas and has a New 3-40 date. The color is a maroonish boxcar red which was the Milwaukee Roads standard box car color. 

All in all it appears to be a fairly nice kit. Accurail has certainly reworked the molding somewhat and it it unfortunate they were unable to include separate grab irons. But the kit cost under $20 (and i is marked made in the USA) so there is not much room for complaint.

Comments, criticisms and references to the prototype are the reason I am posting before I start constructing and enhancing the kit (cast on grab irons must go.)


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