Re: Accurail Ribbed Sided Box Car

Dennis Storzek

On Wed, Feb 26, 2020 at 02:10 PM, Bill Welch wrote:
The doors are accurate. The "Rib Side" kits seem mixed regarding the grabs. I have only built the 40-ft DD and removed the mold-on grabs easily. I have the 50-ft w/6-ft door to build and the grabs are not molded-on. The brakes wheels are beautiful and correct I think. I replaced the molded on Sill Steps and scratch built new ladders for the DD version. The representation of the side ribs, the unique MILW roof and dreadnaught ends are well done. With some love these can be built into very nice models. 
Having inspected all the tooling, I find that only the first two releases, the 40' "long rib" single and double door cars, had molded on grabs. George then switched to supplying wire grabs, which, of course, the modeler had to paint himself.

The Rib Side Cars line was certainly a labor of love for George Schmidt, he had excellent tooling built, unfortunately, I doubt he ever got his money back with it. It has some interesting quirks, almost like as bills were piling up he'd just throw up his hands and authorize some shortcut just to get the project done. Case in point; the detail work on the car sides is impressive, but the grab irons were totally devoid of any attachment detail. I added a representation of the Milwaukee's unique Z section attachment brackets when I did minor repairs to the single door car, and will do the same to the double door car before we release it. Likewise, there was no handbrake rod or bell crank, which I added to the parts group, and the brake wheel as tooled was impossible to mold, in fact, they had the gate welded shut, and were apparently supplying an after market part. I added a new Equipco brake wheel cavity, based on information supplied by the Milwaukee Road Historical society and our own Gene Green.

Hopefully I'll get time to work over the 40' double door car this summer, in time for release at Milwaukee Trainfest next November.

Dennis Storzek

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