Re: Photo: Freight Cars The Departure Yard At Boston Freight Terminal

Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

To Bob Witt, Thanks so much for posting Chris Barkan's sheet on B&O hopper lettering diagrams
and thanks to Chris fr developing it. For whatever reason in northern Vermont we seemed to see
more B&O hoppers in the post war era than hoppers from any other road, On the way back fromĀ 
Montreal late yesterday afternoon I had an opportunity to visit with fellow list member Armand Premo
before continuing homeward and these very cars were one subject of discussion. We know, for
example, that most of the coal burned by the Central Vermont arrived in B&O hoppers. Wjile we do
not know where it originated we think it must have come across NY Harbor on car floats to the New
Haven at Oak Point for delivery to the CV at New London but are not certain of that. Likewise B&O
hoppers were quite common on the Rutland as we know from switch list that Armand has had for
most of the fifty years we have known each other. Thus it is good to have something as definitive '
as the sheet Chris has put together and shared with us all to be sure such cars are letteredĀ 
appropriately for our time frame.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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