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Ah!, Wabash. Thank you very much. So it is a true AC&F. 

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WABASH series 90000 to 90549 were welded box cars with 8 foot doors built by ACF in 1960.
The N&W lettered cars simply had a "3" prefix applied to the car number. And some cars were
never renumbered, evidently.

Tim O'Connor

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The attached photos are of an N&W MoW boxcar I photographed in the 1990s at Elkton, Virginia. As the detail photo shows, this car was "built" in 1960, so it fits within our period of interest. I have no data on these cars (my ORER is October 1958), and would appreciate any information the group can supply. 

The car appears to have a 7' door, certainly welded sides, and what appears to be a "banana-taper" late improved Dreadnaught end. It does not appear in Ed Hawkins' article on similar AC&F cars in the July 1999 RMJ. It am wondering if it was home-built or even a major rebuild, as the N&W had just done to their round roof boxcars.

I was initially attracted to the car by the Henesy "Side-well" device (which is not within our period), as at the time I was writing an article on these accessories. Mr. Henesy and I had a telephone conversation about his invention. He mentioned that the N&W applied these to some of their MoW boxcars because staff cuts meant that some MoW staging locations only had a single employee, so if the door stuck he could have hard a hard time opening the door. This Slide-well is actually broken. The wheel and gear box should be attached to the right edge of the door. Mr. Henesy said that roughg use (slamming the unit against its right-side stop) often resulted in stripped gears, which may be the case here. Later units had clutch of some sort in the gearbox that prevented this damage. As an aside, I sold the article to MR, but they never published same.

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