Re: CMO 20040 Express Box

Tim O'Connor

I got confused because I didn't know Athearn had TWO of these trucks!!

THIS (attached) is the express truck with the correct wheelbase - but it is a
more modern truck, without the pedestal ends and with roller bearings rather than
plain bearing journal boxes.

I have this Athearn truck because the SP applied them to BE-50-24 express cars,
albeit with shock absorbers and plain bearings. Modifications must be made. :-\


On 2/27/2020 2:13 PM, Dennis Storzek wrote:
On Thu, Feb 27, 2020 at 10:32 AM, BRIAN PAUL EHNI wrote:
WB looks too long as well. 
Yeah, the boxcar underframe isn't modified, so still has the 5'-6" kingpin to striker dimension. When you look at the car, the wheel has more or less the same relationship to the car end as the old PRR X29s with their 5'-0" kingpin to striker, which would indicate the passenger truck wheelbase can't be longer than 6'-6". The Tichy trucks claim 6'-0", which may be a bit short. I wonder if these cars had 36" wheels?

In the photo the trucks appear to have separate bolt on pedestals, so the Tichy truck is correct for that feature, but even in the enhanced photo I can't really see the shape of the top of the frame.

Dennis Storzek

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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