Re: SP&S Large Reporting Marks—Date of Introduction

Garth Groff and Sally Sanford


According to Ed Austin's article "Boxcars of the Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway" in the December 1997 MM, the billboard lettering was introduced shortly AFTER the July 1957 delivery of 50' DD boxcars 14000-14499. Three different versions of the large lettering were to be applied to the 11000, 12000 and 13000 series 40' steel boxcars. When repainting began is not specifically stated in the article, but during the last months of 1957 is ballpark. Apparently a lot of cars never received the billboard lettering, and the three styles were mixed between the groups somewhat at random. So much for good intentions. Go with dated photos!

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Wondering if anyone here would know when the SP&S introduced their scheme with the very large SP&S reporting marks. Thank you.

Bill Welch

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