Re: Grab Irons Extensions


Modelers should be advised, not all the NP 40 ft combination door boxcars with this car side arrangement had the PS-1 ends that appear in Tim's photos of NP 3309.  NP 3000-3399 were Pullman-Standard built in 1959-60 with the PS-1 ends.  Among numerous cars with virtually identical sides built by NP Brainerd shops in 1958 through 1960 in range 8000-9249 or so, most had what I believe are commonly referred to as R+3/4 improved dreadnaught ends. But not all. I don't have it in hand just now, but I recall there was a thread at the NPModelers group several years ago where some of us tried to sort out what the approximate break point in the number series when Brainerd made the end change.

Those offset grabs are yet another small annoyance for us NP people trying to do more than one or two of these cars!  ;-) 

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT. 

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