circa 1912 Garrett Wine Co Box Car

Jacob Wyatt

Hi everybody!

My name is Jacob, a production graphic artist at Micro-Trains.

I’m working on an upcoming release for our Grape-to-Glass wine cars series - picture shown below. Quite a unique car as far as I can tell from my two years of working here so far. A boxcar with glass tanks for wine!


The photo, from the Al Westerfield collection, can be found on page 328 of Edward Kaminski’s American Car & Foundry Company 1899-1999.


As you can imagine, finding other images, or even further description, of this is very difficult – and going only off of this photo we’re hard pressed to discover what most of its smaller prints are.


So I reached out to George Irwin who then encouraged me to join the group here and ask if someone may be able to provide some insight into this or even a larger image?

We'd love to reproduce this as accurately as possible so any insight would be most appreciated.


Thanks most kindly!



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