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Tim O'Connor

The West Shore kits were (are) qualitatively better than Yankee Clipper, even if
the castings themselves were the same "alumilite" yellow resin. There was also an
outfit - "Steam Shack"? - that did some CV & GTW single sheathed box cars, and I
think also did some Rutland cars.

I also built the F&C PRR GSh gondola. I remember counting the number of holes I had
to drill for grabs etc - I think it came to 75 or so! That was before I owned my
Brazelton drill press and I broke many #80 drill bits before I had finished. I also
learned about straightening out a WARPED and TWISTED car body from that GSh project. :-)

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I built his PRR GSH gon as one of my first resin builds.  The resin parts, details, decals and the instructions were good enough that it still compares well with my “modern” resin kit builds.


Also, one of my first 3 “accurate” PRR freight cars.


Expanding on the subject, does anyone know of a list of the West Shore Line’s offerings?  They were of that same era, and also manufactured by F&C.




Elden Gatwood


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Thank you Tim. I was surprised to see he had done a couple of gondolas. The boxcars on the list is like seeing an old friend after several years. I built the CP mini-box, the B&M and BAR Pratt truss cars and the 1932 ARA BAR, Norfolk Southern, CGW and an extra CGW kit and Walther's decals to do the NdeM version. Bill Dulmaine did an excellent job with his instruction, prototype history and decals. Also built the PM and C&O 1930 series kits and still have the NKP 1932 kit to build.

For NC&StL, Clinchfield, CofG 1932 cars I built the Sunshine versions. I still a Sunshine 1932 CP kit to build.

Bill Welch

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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