Re: circa 1912 Garrett Wine Co Box Car

Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

Hi Jacob,

   I've wondered about these cars from another perspective. You note that they had glass tanks but I
believe you mean to say glass lined tanks. These cars look like a 17-18 year newer version of what
ACF was offering in the late 1920's trying to capture a share of General American's business in
building milk tank cars with glass lined tanks.I doubt ACF built more than thirty such milk tank cars 
and believe that most of them ended up under General  American - Pfaudler Corp. ownership before
beig leased back to the milk companies that originally purchased them. This was how the milk 
companies got out from under having to maintain them as General American took care of that under]
the leasing agreement. The tanks for the cars you seek information on may have been made by ACF
and sent to either the Elyria Enameled Products Co. of Elyria, Ohio or the Pfaudler Corp. of Rochester,
NY to glass line them. I suspect Elyria as they are the ones who contracted with ACF to construct the
ACF built milk tank cars. Shortly thereafter Elyria was sold to the Pfaudler Corp. Like your wine car, the
 milk tank cars were used in freight service but primarily in passenger service.

   Interesting how these car designs evolved.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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