Re: SP&S Large Reporting Marks—Date of Introduction

Tim O'Connor

The 14000 to 14499 were built in 1957 at St Cloud and did not have the
billboard letters originally. In some cases the name to the right of the
door was repainted with the large letters and the rest of the lettering
include the oval herald was the same. But most of them seemed to keep the
original lettering up to BN.

BRANCHLINE offered this (accurate) HO scale model as kit #1106

Tim O'

On 2/29/2020 1:13 PM, Don DeLay via Groups.Io wrote:

The large lettering with periods after the initials went both diagonal and straight line. The smaller lettering also made it onto some of the 50' cars too (SP&S 14241 50' DD boxcar in June 1967 Jim Parker photo).


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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