Re: coupler distance over car end

Jim Betz


  I'm going to answer this from a different perspective.  First you need to
decide whether the car will be used on a layout.  If it will then the amount
of distance between the coupler face and the truck center can affect
how well the car will/will not operate thru curves.  Derailments are no
fun whether it happens only to you, to someone else, or only in one or
two places on only one or two cars.
  Most models,  including both kits and resin cars, place both the truck
center and the coupler box/mounting holes by using "NMRA standards"
which rarely are 100% protoypically accurate (never?).  Those standards
were developed a long time ago when operational reliability was the
primary goal.

  There are often similar issues with how high the car rides.  This one is
often hard to fix (time consuming) and affects coupler height as well.
Remember that all couplers on all cars on any railroad at any one
point in time were essentially -identical- in terms of coupler height.

  These are -your- decisions to make.  

  Often you can simply use a short shank coupler in the same mount
(box) and close up the distance easily and quickly - even that may not
be prototypical distance but it often results in a car that operates
well and is "more accurate" ... and doesn't look obviously wrong.

  Lastly there is the decision about what you want to do in terms of
prototypical accuracy - and balancing that against your time spent
and perhaps even on money spent.
                                                                                               - Jim

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