SAL, ex-GF&A ARA XM-1 Box Cars

Scott H. Haycock

I just pulled this F&C kit, #8081, WofA, out my stash to work on. My plan is to turn it into the GF&A version, then letter it for the SAL as it would have looked after 1944. 

Originally, when I came up with this idea, I did my research, collected everything I'll need- Kit, Trucks, Decals, a photo ... Oops! no photo. I know there is a photo of one of these cars in GF&A livery in RPC 19, pg. 42, But I don't have this book anymore. And I cant find a scan either, though I'm pretty sure I took one. I thought I had a photo of one of these cars in SAL lettering as well, but it's not in my modeling notes. If anyone can point me at a photo or two I'd appreciate it.

My main concern at this time however, is the roof. I need to replace the model's roof with a Hutchin's roof.  I could really use a good photo or better yet a drawing of this roof. 

Thanks for any help,

Scott Haycock 

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