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Todd Horton

These were the last new 40’ cars purchased by the Central in 1957.  They were different in that they were delivered in a brown color as opposed to the more common freight car red.  These cars also had black ends that were missed on the Kadee model.      As far as back dating them to 1955 I have no suggestions because the next large batch of cars before that were delivered in 1953 with a monogram only and no “ Right Way” lettering.  Kadee did this car as well and it’s in the more common FCR paint color.       Todd Horton 

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8300-8799 January 1958 ORER

Richard Townsend
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Could someone who has a ORER from November 1957 or later please tell me the number series that the boxcar CG 8734 was included in?

I am considering renumbering the Kadee part number 5216 boxcar to backdate it to 1955 so any advice on the suitability of this car for that project would be greatly appreciated.


Allen Cain

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