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Though what I noticed was beyond our period, I remember that some WP 50' DD PS-1 (which were delivered within our period) ended their days carrying spent automobile batteries out of West Sacramento on the Sacramento Northern. The cars were marked "Lead Battery Loading Only" or some such wording. The cars were contaminated, much like a cars in hide or fish service, and were probably scrapped soon thereafter. The several cars I saw were 50', which might be odd for such service, but not if the management was trying to squeeze a few more bucks out of cars that were already destined for scrap.

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On the B&M, at least "back in the day", the only examples I know of are (i) the 200 MDT-built reefers of 1923 that carried "BANANA SERVICE ONLY" stencils, and (ii) the 1929-30 ARA quad hoppers that said "FOR EXCLUSIVE USE ON HOME ROADS".  I'm not sure if the latter qualifies as the kind of "dedicated service" that you are curious about.  Its origin, I presume, was the age and condition of the B&M's other coal cars, and the need to move a lot of water-borne bituminous from Boston to the many re-coaling facilities scattered around northern New England.

I don't think either stencil persisted for very long, certainly not much after the war.  I think the some of the reefers might have ended up in dedicated ice service, but that's too far into the future for me.

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