Re: Prototype Junction Crowd Funding - Only one week to go

John Drake

Jim, these are excellent questions.  While Randy and I thought we have addressed these in either the Indiegogo campaign write up or in a post on our website, sometime we are not as clear as we intend to be, so thanks for bringing these up.

The intent of the crowdfunding raise is to obtain enough capital that we can make all the variation of the boxcars and autocars as we have described, all at the same time.  If we raise the our campaign goal, all of the models will be made. Period. The amount is pledged determines how many cars you get, depending on what perk you picked (e.g., 1 car at a 5% discount, 6 cars at a 20% discount, etc.).  At the time you pledge, you are solely indicating how much product you want initially.  It doesn't matter which car, which paint scheme, which number, ready-to-run, kit or just parts.  If we make our campaign goal, then we have enough capital to pay for the project and cover all of its costs, fixed and variable.  Check out Randy's most recent post at for a great overview of our analysis of the estimated costs of the project and setting the campaign goal level.

Now to get to your question, once this project is funded and begins production, the models in many ways are made to order.  We would be soliciting input from the campaign supporters for desired paint schemes (there weren't that many variations, but some), lettering features and numbers.   As we are get close to the final production phase, that is when the supporters make their final selections.  That is the time you choose which cars, which paint and lettering schemes and which numbers.  This may be 9-11 months after the funding campaign closes.

Keep in mind, as production steps are completed, we would provide copies of the CAD drawings, photos of pre-production models, etc.  Of course, during this time, the supporters can add to their pledge and new people can also place orders, though not at the discounts offered during the funding campaign. 

With regard to a pricing difference between kit and ready to run, we decided, at least for the time being to keep the prices the same.  That's not to say that could change depending on the end result of the project.  But again, if we did ultimately decide to differentiate the kit & RTR prices, we would do so prior to requesting final product selections, so one can put their pledged funds toward any of the products they want. 

I hope this helps Jim!  Thanks again for asking these questions.

John Drake
Prototype Junction

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