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Randy Hammill

John answered most of your questions, but regarding build dates:

I have posted info here, and there are pages on our site for each prototype group, as well as on the IndieGoGo site. But there’s a lot of info so I’ll summarize here:

All of the cars in the project were originally built 1929-1931, depending on the specific car.

PM began rebuilding some of the auto cars starting 1940.

ATSF started rebuilding the Bx-11 and -12 classes with an 8” raised roof in 1941.

ATSF switched to a 12” roof extension in 1943.

ATSF began rebuilding the Bx-13 class with steel sides in 1951, and the other classes would follow in the late ‘50s, early ‘60s.

Some of the ATSF cara remained in their original configuration into the ‘60s, so starting in 1950 the original, 8”, 12”, and steel side rebuilds were all on the rails. In addition, the PM didn’t rebuild all of the auto cars, nor did the C&O repeater all of the ex-PM cars (after they acquired PM in 1947). So the PM and C&O cars were also seen in both configurations during the ‘50s.

Some of the 12” raised roof cars lasted into the ‘70s, as did some of the steel side rebuilds

we will be doing the major paint schemes for all of these cars, so if you’re modeling the ‘50s, you have a lot of choices:

ATSF Bx-11, 12, 13 as delivered (although any in interchange would have received AB brakes)

ATSF Bx-11, -12 with 8” roof extension

ATSF Bx-11, -12 with 12” roof extension

ATSF Bx-13 rebuilt with steel sides

RI SS Box car

CGW SS Auto car

L&N SS Auto car

PM SS Auto car

C&O SS Auto car

PM SS Box car

C&O SS Box car

That’s 15 unique prototype running in the ‘50s

Don’t forget that parts (roofs, ends, doors, trucks, etc) will also be available.

You will choose your specific cars shortly before we go to production. But there are more prototypes in the ‘40s, the most in the ‘50s, and then in decline through the ‘60s, with the auto cars in decline first. I’ve included more roster information at, just click on the tab near the top for each prototype for more info.


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