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Tim O'Connor

It comes up because certain paints and adhesives are banned or hard to get in some places. To enforce the bans or restrictions a system of labels is required. It's about public health, a very hot topic right now.

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Sorry but I gotta ask....

What does this have to do with Steam Era Freight Car Modeling?

Matthew Hurst

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I am an industrial toxicologist by profession and was board certified until I retired.
Until mid 2005, I was employed by an multinational corporation.
My position involved making certain the company's products were
labeled correctly for all locations where they were offered for sale.

Before new products were introduced, I evaluated the ingredients and
made suggestions that certain ingredients be changed if they were hazardous.
California Proposition 65 is one of the State regulations that has requirements for labeling
that seem ridiculous to me on the surface. I just purchased some white hobby that has such
a label because it contains titanium dioxide.   

I contend that companies should have every new and modified product assessed by professional qualified toxicologists. 

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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