Siems Stembel - was Standard Steel Drawing List

Bob Webber

Hi, Dennis - given the day, I decided to go to the Library, bring a bunch of "used" tubes back to the reefer, and along with some specific tubes, I brought back 1 Siems tube.   A Soo Box, & Gon, NP flat, MILW gon, a GN stock and some other "stuff". 

Was there something specific you might be interested in (no, I don't have specifics yet, we'll scan the tube on Wednesday, and it will be added to the SSC folder)?

At 01:33 PM 1/24/2020, Dennis Storzek wrote:
I only see four drawings listed for the Soo Line, searching both by common name and corporate initials. This isn't surprising, as the Soo bought very little from SSC, but begs the question, is Siems Stembel production included in the SSC list?


Bob Webber

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