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Jack Burgess <jack@...>

Our hardware store had a MEK substitute but I read that it didn’t work on styrene like MEK…


Jack Burgess


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Tom and all,


I have had a similar experience with MEK.  My local hardware store (now gone) was nice enough to special order MEK for me, but I had to take a full case consisting of four 1 gallon cans.  I’m still on the first can which lives in my garage.


I have a standing offer with all local friends.  FREE MEK.  Bring your own tight seal jar.


Last time I was through the big box store I saw that they now have MEK in 1 quart containers.  That was not the case 15-20 years ago.




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When my employer closed down my prototype printed circuit lab in 1992 I liberated a 3/4 full gallon jug of MEK that was slated for disposal. I've only used it occasionally since I began resin casting, but it's still good 28 years later with minimal evaporation loss. It's in a glass jug with a lined plastic screw cap in our unheated garage.

Tom Madden

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