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Eric Hansmann

I used a similar technique for tarp covered loads. Attached are a couple images. I start with a pad of chipboard from a cereal box and glue Styrofoam shapes onto it. Then I covered the shapes with wrapping tissue paper, the kind Mont recommends. I sprayed the final form with an almond color from a rattle can then lightly dusted with a sooty color. Sorry for the blurry second image but it’s the only one I could find quickly to share.


I can’t believe the photo files are dated May 2011. Was it really that long ago?



Eric Hansmann

Murfreesboro, TN


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I like to use tissue paper like what comes with a new shirt.  I cut it to the dimensions of a tarp, typically 12 x 12.  Lay it or them over the object and tack it in place with Elmer's.  This will not look like shrink wrap nor should it.  When satisfied with the coverage paint it dark gray or grimy black.  


Remember, tarps were pretty stiff (heavy) and did not always conform to the shape of the object being covered.


Tarps were tied down with ropes, wire or even nailed to the car floor.


Mont Switzer 


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