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Gatwood, Elden J SAD



Here is the counterpart to the X29F, the X29G, with no loading eqpt.


Also, X29D 26247 in CK, from the 1952 batch.  Note the rolling pin/short taper IDE’s.  Ajax brake, rectangular grid R/B’s, overhanging diagonal panel roof.  Note also deeper sill reinforcement when compared to X29B.  These were also used widely in industries for which forklifts and/or large boxes were utilized.


Elden Gatwood


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Bill Keene asked:

"What is the rough date that the X29F box cars went into service? Would these have been in service during the circle keystone era?"


c. 1958.  They are post-circle keystone era; the last Class X29 rebuilds to be painted in CK were the X29D.



Ben Hom

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