Re: Help Identifying Boxcar Ends.

Tim O'Connor

SOME of the SP B-50-27 box cars had the earlier ends without the extra thin rib at the top.

I've enclosed two photos to show this - SP 100303 and 100441. Evidently the ends changed during
the construction period.

The B-50-27 had a 10-0 IH body with 6' door and 10 panel sides - For that you will need
the Intermountain 1937 AAR body (which has a blank space for the car end).

The WM 29000 cars had 7 foot doors. No plastic body.
The B&O M-56 had 8 foot doors. No plastic body.
The DL&W cars had the earlier ends.
The GN 11000 series had the earlier ends.


On 3/10/2020 11:15 PM, Randy Hammill wrote:
Those look like Improved Dreadnaught Ends for 10’0” IH cars. They have been described as having rolling pin shaped corrugations and a stiffening rib at the top.

B&O 285000-285999
D&M 3000-3099
DL&W 10000-10039, 52500-53259
GN 11375-11874, 18000-20499
M&StL 4000-5398
NMSX 5200-5201
SP 100000-109099
SP&S 13000-13499
SSW 33850-33949
T&NO 58500-62249
WM 29001-29300

 All the info you’d want in RPCyc 8.

*Tim O'Connor*
*Sterling, Massachusetts*

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