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Jim Hayes

Scott, sounds interesting. Can you share a copy of the handout or point me to where it can be found?


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I have always used .040” styrene for scratchbuilding freight cars. You can get Evergreen directly from their website:


Jack Burgess


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Some time ago Ted did a kitbash clinic and one of the cars was an FGEX reefer with unique steel sides and fishbelly floor.  I was going to take a swing at it as I am a reefer-aholic.  What is the common thickness styrene to use for the sides?  Unfortunately, my local Hobbytown closed so I either have to ebay it or do a pretty good drive to get some.  I would like to make one as a pattern then resin cast the two sides from there.  I have the Tichy ends, Intermountain car to harvest a roof and will order the Accurail 40ft fishbelly floor.  I got some FGEX decals from Ted at Chicago or Collinsville I am not sure which.  I did manage to get the last gallon container of real MEK my Lowes had.  I got some scribers from tamiya and UMM-USA and archer rivets since there are so many.  Should be pretty fun project.  I only have the two photos that are in Ted's presentation but the are nice side shots.

Scott McDonakd

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