Re: Model: CB&Q "Bomber Boxcar"

Douglas Harding

If you read the caption of the photo posted, you will learn it was built from a Sunshine kit.


Doug  Harding


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Is this a scratchbuilt model, or a resin kit, or something else? It looks great!


Tod C Dwyer


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Model: CB&Q "Bomber Boxcar"

A model photo from the NAPM Model Railroad Club:

Caption: "In 1942 the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy modified some of their 50' automobile boxcars to carry wings of B-26 Marauder bombers to an Army Air Corps assembly plant near Omaha. The CB&Q shops built 26" high side extensions and reattached the old roof to the raised sides. The wings were loaded and unloaded through the hinged doors on the 'A' end of the boxcar.

After the war these cars were used for high cube, lightweight loads such as appliances and furniture. The cars fared poorly in their new assignment — those types of loads weren't as robust as airplane wings — with cargo damage often the result of excess sway. Eventually the boxcars were put into general service alongside normal-height 50' cars."

Does anyone have a prototype photo or link to a prototype photo?

How many cars did the CB&Q modify?


Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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