Re: Model: CB&Q "Bomber Boxcar"

Tim O'Connor

The 1950 and 1955 ORER's show a number of 50 foot cars with 11-2 or 11-3 interior heights.
That's clearly extra tall for 1950's box cars!

Tim O'Connor

On 3/15/2020 9:02 PM, Nelson Moyer wrote:
The Burlington Bulletin on the extended roof XA-14D cars states that some served out they’re life without conversion to original height. I’m traveling, so I can’t access my source until next week.

Nelson Moyer

On Mar 15, 2020, at 4:31 PM, al_brown03 <abrown@...> wrote:

I know of two sources on these:
Culotta, "Freight Cars Reference Manual", v 1, p 192
Masterson, Wagner, and Hoffman, RP CYC 12, pp 46-87 (see especially pp 78-83)

CB&Q class XA-14D (100 cars, 46650-46749) were built in the company shops in 1937-38. After Pearl Harbor, 60 of this class were rebuilt with 26" roof extensions, to carry wings and other parts for B-26 and B-29 bombers. The modified XA-14Ds were converted back to their original height during 1946. The Masterson article has two photos of CB&Q 46741 with its extended roof, and Culotta has a 1963 photo of the same car at its original height.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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