Re: [ResinFreightCarBuilders] C&O 40' 1930 Automobile Boxcar

Richard Remiarz

Thanks Andy, Bill and Ted for the information. Fortunately I kept all of my old Mainline Modeler issues.  Looks like I need to send an order to Ted.  The decals in the kit didn’t look very sharp.

Rich Remiarz

On Mar 16, 2020, at 7:48 PM, Andy Cich <ajc5150@...> wrote:

The C&O Historical Society Published a freight car book. Three pages are devoted to the 9500-9999 series cars. There are 5 photos and an equipment diagram. The five photos are a straight on side shot, a straight on A end shot, a straight on B end shot, a 3/4 A end shot, and a 3/4 B end shot.

Andy Cich 

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