Re: Model: CB&Q "Bomber Boxcar"

William Hirt

The track is still inside the Martin Bomber Building. I used to go regularly to Global Weather Central (or Center depending on the commander at the time) to coordinate backup activities. One day we had a fire alarm while I was there and I went with our hosts out to north side of the building. I had some time to look around because of that. The inside tracks and loading dock was still there. My grandfather worked there building bombers in World War II.

Bil Hirt

On 3/16/2020 7:47 PM, John Larkin via Groups.Io wrote:

Thanks for the info.  I've been trying to figure out where the tracks ran in and it appears to be from the northwest side of the base, just looking at the connecting railroad configuration and how it could have run into or next to (looks like something was there) the buildings.  There is also a very short section of track left in place off the CB&Q line on the southeast side of the base, and what may be (from Google) a connection at the other end to the former MP that also served the buildings on the north.

Our building is the oldest on base, and it includes a 3' thick brick wall inside.  Evidently it had been a stable, a blacksmith shop and, according to an unofficial source, a train depot though I'm not sure where or how the track connection could have been made.  No B-29s there any more though there are a couple of B-52s at the main entrance and a B-17 inside the base on the south side.

Lot of history on that base, I'm just trying to get a handle on the railroad side of it.  I only got stuck with Officer of the Day duty a couple of times, but overseas not there. 

John Larkin

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