Re: Photo: Barrels in A Boxcar

Clark Propst

On Tue, Mar 17, 2020 at 07:29 AM, Mont Switzer wrote:

I know early cement loads shipped by truck consisted of bags stacked on flat bed trailers.  I just figured rail shipments were bags stacked in boxcars. 

 What were the barrels made of?


They were before my time Mont. Bet you could Google them? They have to go back a ways. I do have a photo of cloth sacks on a packing machine, don't know if it's dated? I have photos of paper sacks being filled at the packing machine, being 'trucked' into a box car, braced in a box car, or later (60s) coming off a palletizing machine.  Also first experiments with shipping sacks on flat beds. In Iowa trucks were not allowed to haul out of cement plants until 1960. 
There's a Lehigh plant in Mitchel Ind. The Lehigh plant here used Mitchel transport co. to haul their products. Have to think there's a connection.
CW Propst

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