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Mont Switzer

A few years ago I painted John Deere, Caterpillar and International Harvester HO scale models. Maybe the way I did it was cheating, but it worked. 


In all 3 cases I went to those respective equipment dealers and purchased aerosol cans of their touch up paint.  I then sprayed each one into a new paint bottle the size that fits my airbrush.  The paint was usually a little thick so I added lacquer thinner to get the right consistency to use in my air brush, a Pasche VL. 


Sometime in the early 1970’s CAT took the lead out of their paint resulting in a more golden hue.  No problem.  CAT had touchup paint for before and after.


Tractor guys are pretty resinous about their restorations.




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I was looking to paint a  Harvester/Combine model a bright shade of red that I custom mixed and a Cat D7 yellow as well. I could not get the red to look the way I wanted and tried an experiment using yellow, white and gray Badger Primer that I sprayed on a small styrene sheet. Attached are two photos showing the difference of covering the sheet with my red. I picked the neutral yellow for my base and have been now using it under my Boxcar Reds as well. I have been very pleased with the results so far. I have attached a photo of a brown I mixed and applied over the neutral yellow for my IC Mini-Kit as well.
Badger usually sells this primer at the Collinsville RPM a discounted price and comes in 12 colors.

George Toman
Willow Springs, IL


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