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Aley, Jeff A

Thanks Bill!  It looks great.  As a UP modeler, I’m sure I can think of uses for a yellow primer (e.g. UP stock cars).







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On Tue, Mar 17, 2020 at 01:42 AM, Aley, Jeff A wrote:

Hi Bill, How many coats of primer is on the model?




Jeff: Several thin coats. I was also priming another roof and the Klasing Brake Wheel for the model during the same session. This is an Acrylic so it drys pretty quickly so with thin coats I could get coverage I wanted in one AB session.

I forgot to say that I sprayed with my Badger 155 Anthem AB w/.75mm needle/nozzle combo at 20 PSI. My modeling friend and list member George Toman put me onto the Neutral Yellow primer. he used it before painting with a Box Car Red and said he like the look of the BCR over the yellow. I plan to do this too on my WABASH war emergency build.

Bill Welch

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