Re: Photo: Barrels in A Boxcar

Clark Propst

On Tue, Mar 17, 2020 at 08:36 AM, Mont Switzer wrote:
I’m sure boxcar loads of  bagged cement were shipped well into the 1960’s.  Most lumber years carried bagged cement back then, like the big box stores with lumber yards do now. 
One of the Mason City Ia. plants shipped bagged cement to their satellite facility in the Twin Cities by box car till the UP screwed everything up after they took over the CNW. Bags went out on flat beds all the time.
Here, hoppers stayed on home rails even with 5 RRs in town. Box cars were pool. Into the 60s cars from any road were loaded. In the mid/late 60s ? the CNW provided a fleet of cars
CW Propst

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