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I’ve been gathering photos and details on these cars. The M-8 class is largely forgotten, even though the cars dominated the fleet for several years. I’ll be in touch off-list.



Eric Hansmann

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Good Morning Fellow Shut-ins...

I am working on an overall history of the 21,000 class M-8 box cars built for the B&O, B&OSW, and P&W.  The majority were built by Pullman as documented by Eric Neubauer. They were in service from 7-1896 to 1929 with original wood underframe. About 12,400 were rebuilt to steel center sills, M-8B, -8C, or underframe, M-8A, as well as US Safety Appliance Standards over 1912-1921. The last of these, #185901, M-8C, is listed in the 1-1940 B&O Summary of Equipment. These rebuilds  were accomplished by the B&O and several commercial builders.

It would be very helpful to me if some of you might share some photo scans and or point me to sources for same. Equipment diagrams indicate "iron roof". What did that look like? An additional 60 of M-8 dimensions were built as B&OSW 17700-17759 with double side doors over door openings of 10-0 and 10-8. What did these look like? They were renumbered to B&O 93000-93059 and rebuilt to steel center sills etc. as B&O 190600-190651. Some were also rebuilt to M-8B.

Advance thanks for any help you can share with me,

Eric Lombard
At home in Homewood, IL

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