Adjusting the gondola fleet

Fran Giacoma

I am in the process of right sizing my freight car fleet due to a slight operational change on my HO B&O Shenandoah SD layout. It is set in late September 1956 and I use an October 1956 ORER (plus other publications) to make sure my fleet is accurate. 

I am looking for a list of railroads and the number of gondola cars they operated during the specified time period in order to try to accurately portray the right amount of them in my fleet; in other words, which road names would you most likely see on the layout. I would adjust this by the industries that use them, B&O interchange partners and locations, and the general locale of what is being modeled (northern Virginia and West Virginia starting at Harpers Ferry and running south west). The ORER does not contain this list; it has lists for other types of cars.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. 


Fran Giacoma

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