Re: C&O 40' 1930 Automobile Boxcar

Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

Chuck Cover wrote: "I bought the kit was because they are a bit shorter in height than most automobile boxcars and give the consist and different look.  We don’t want all 10’4” 40’ auto boxcars do we?"

   That's the the same reasoning I use to buy most house cars. The different hsights, different styles of roof and different car
construction all contribute to the variety of freight cars we used to see in freight trains so I buy as long as the car is one for a 
road whose cars were known to frequent my area. Today the ony thing that seems to change is the pattern of graffitti on the 
cars. When I see that I wish each car had a 50 cal. turret on top of it with a gunner having a shoot to kill order for anyone seen approaching the train with a spray can.  Damned sick of the irresponsibe nonsense with spray cans to the point where I'd like
to see the Federally outlawed.

Just my point of view, Don Valentine

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