Re: Adjusting the gondola fleet

Clark Propst

Not being familiar with your area I can only question are your trains all shorts or are there some through cars? Shorts would be dictated by your customers. Through car would be coming or going from other parts of the system or being interchanged with another RR.
Train lists and/or photos of trains in the area are vital.
I've attached a photo I dug up while putting together my CCB talk. The engine is being turned on a wye at the end of the line. I admired the NYC gon and also wondered what it was doing there. I think I mentioned how I'd like one. Well a friend told me they were about to start on a Sunshine gondola kit they'd bought from a collection at Caboose Stop Hobbies sometime prior. I asked about it and sure enough it was the car in the photo! I bought it and built it. I also have a Sunshine PRR gon. I use them to haul pipe or culverts for the RR or for a city, county  yard along the line. Other than those two the others are local roads that would bring in coal from mines in Ill or further east.
CW Propst

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