Re: C&O 40' 1930 Automobile Boxcar

Tony Thompson

Donald Valentine wrote:

Today the ony thing that seems to change is the pattern of graffitti on the cars. When I see that I wish each car had a 50 cal. turret on top of it with a gunner having a shoot to kill order for anyone seen approaching the train with a spray can.  Damned sick of the irresponsibe nonsense with spray cans to the point where I'd like to see the Federally outlawed.

       Well, if we're going to discuss swimming up river against a good current, ancient Greek writers complained about writing on the walls, and there is plenty of Roman graffiti on the walls at Pompeii. It ain't exactly a new observation.
         But it really doesn't matter how you like or don't like it. It simply IS the reality today. If you model any time after 1980 (well past this list of course, as is Don's comment in the first place), you can either model reality or fantasy.
        But let's return to those halcyon days of yesteryear, before 1960 reared its head . . .

Tony Thompson

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