Re: Adjusting the gondola fleet

Fran Giacoma

Thanks for all the replies. As info, I am doing this same project with the flat cars on my layout so I will use the results here with them also.


Clyde - great idea looking at photos of trains. They, like conductors reposts are rare for my sub-division, but will keep on looking for them.


Jack - that table is exactly what I was looking for. Even though it is 1953, It will give me a good starting point to go further with this project. I definitely will go back to my ORER and look at the top 10 fleets and also examine the “friendly” interchanges with the B&O on and off this sub-division.


Todd - thanks for turning me on to the recapitulation list for each railroad; just found them in my ORER! This saves a lot of time looking up and adding numbers. I have my list of industries and the type of cars they use; I am constant refining it as I acquire more info, which is an ongoing pursuit. 


I started this project this past weekend as the wife and I are “social distancing”. Being retired and all my volunteer gigs are cancelled this week and next, I have a lot of time to operate and work on the layout. Projects like these are most enjoyable and keep my brain active.


Thanks again!


Fran Giacoma

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